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    About Geo Nova

    Products and Services for Publishers

    GeoNova combines travel and reference information with advanced mapping technology to create powerful published products. Our comprehensive packaging capabilities cover an extensive range of travel and reference products. We offer both stock and custom editions of road atlases, travel guides, specialty trip planners, reference atlases, road maps, map posters, and electronic trip planners. Each year GeoNova produces millions of pages of maps printed in textbooks, travel guides, and reference works.

    Corporate Mapping Solutions

    GeoNova serves the hospitality, automotive, telecommunications, and travel markets with high-value location and mapping solutions for product, logistical, marketing, and customer service needs. We support our clients with exceptional mapping content and superior map premiums and promotions.

    Retailer Sourcing

    GeoNova creates profit-building products for retailers. We offer both private label and branded options for travel and back-to-school products. Our product development specialists offer a wide range of effective merchandising solutions.

    Digital and New Media Mapping

    GeoNova is your comprehensive source for new media mapping, from screen-ready digital maps to the complete development of interactive mapping technologies. We author multimedia products, create custom internet/intranet mapping content, and offer licensing opportunities for an extensive selection of digital world map data sets.